It’s not great news!

As women age, our bodies make less Oestrogen. This decline in oestrogen at menopause can cause the skin to age more rapidly. This leads to cosmetic changes such as wrinkling, sagging, and structural changes such as thinning of the outermost layer of our skin.

Blood flow to the skin is reduced, so there are less nutrients and oxygen being delivered. Collagen is lost, elasticity decreases, and skin becomes less hydrated. Fat from our face disappears and a lifetime of UV exposure catches up with us.

But do not despair, we can slow down the effects of ageing by following a few simple rules:

  • A good sleep and exercise regime
  • Diet-increase oily fish and leafy greens, reduce processed foods and alcohol
  • Drinking plenty of water or herbal teas daily
  • Using a physical sunblock DAILY (such as Aspect hydrashield SPF 15)
  • A good skin care regime which includes Vitamin A, B and C, and
  • Daily cleansing with a gentle exfoliating cleanser.

Anti- wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers used in conjunction with a good skin care regime, will visibly reduce the effects of ageing, and turn back the years.

Anti- wrinkle injections reduce muscle movements that lead to deep set lines. Dermal fillers can replace volume loss, mimic bone structure, help to hydrate skin and stimulate collagen production.

Lisa Avery

Cosmetic Injector


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