13Mar 2018

Recently, a client told me that without makeup on, she resembled a Leopard. It made her feel old and ruined her confidence. If only you could turn back time. Imagine if you had never gone outside without wearing sunscreen? Never visited a solarium? And never sun baked for hours without protection? Most of us have […]

26Oct 2017

Vitamin C is safe, cheap, plentiful and effective and is one of the most underrated agents we have against skin ageing. Just remember the tales of sailors suffering from scurvy when they ran low on fresh food as they travelled for months across oceans. Lack of Vitamin C resulted in their skin breaking down into […]

20Jul 2017

It’s not great news! As women age, our bodies make less Oestrogen. This decline in oestrogen at menopause can cause the skin to age more rapidly. This leads to cosmetic changes such as wrinkling, sagging, and structural changes such as thinning of the outermost layer of our skin. Blood flow to the skin is reduced, […]