For Men

Business Man in tie

Cosmetic treatments for men are rapidly becoming more popular in Australia and overseas. There is broadening appeal and growing acceptance of the benefits of cosmetic treatments by men generally. It is important that these treatments are provided in an environment which is safe, professional and discreet.

The fundamental treatment modalities used are the same as for women, namely chemical peels, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

As for women, the approach in male aesthetics is one of helping our patients feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed. Enhancement and emphasis of features contributing to masculinity are important, while also addressing the cumulative effects over time of sun exposure, stress and fatigue.

Cosmetic treatments for men can be rejuvenating while also being subtle and natural, with minimal recovery time after treatment allowing it to be provided during a busy work week. These treatments can help you both look and feel better.

Come and talk with one of our specially trained Cosmetic Doctors or Cosmetic Nurse Injector to learn more about what is available. Further information is also available in the Treatments and FAQ sections.